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Artist Statement:

Carlson Fine Art: Graphite to Steel 

My work encompasses everything from two-dimensional images drawn with pencil to welded steel sculptures. I enjoy the challenges associated with getting an idea from my head to the media I’ve chosen. My background in graphics, model making, fabrication, and welding has enhanced my ability to work with my hands and enhanced the quality of my work as an artist. I choose subjects for their technical difficulty and complexity as well as their aesthetic qualities. It is my intent to present the viewer with a unique vignette or perspective on a subject. I use archival methods and materials in the framing and execution of all my artwork. Most recently I have been interested in the reflections found in glass and metal for my realistic works in color pencil. My abstract works are generally unplanned spontaneous expeditions of color, depth, and texture. It is my intention that the viewer will have both a real and perceived textural experience. By interlacing a multitude of textures and colors I am able to achieve the desired overall visual experience. My sculptural work is centered on utilitarian objects as well as illusions of weight and balance in steel using both found objects and fabricated weldments.



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